We care about making you stand out for the right reasons. The team at Journey creates raw content that makes you shine and customers think of you with a smile.

Content Marketing

Amplify your voice online. We turn your company’s raw data – history, facts, news – into stories that sell and outrank your competitors.

Online Reputation
Marketing (ORM)

Shine the spotlight where you want it. We specialise in polishing reputations that have been unfairly tarnished.

Design and Branding

Put your name on your ideal customer’s lips. We pinpoint what makes you special and bake it into a package that people can’t wait to buy.

Reputation really is everything. Over 70% of potential customers start their journey with you from a Google search and just 1% of those look beyond the first page.

At least 92% of people won’t buy from a company that has a negative review online. Let’s use that to our advantage.

Fresh content and a sparkling new design go a long way to making Google happy and directing customers’ attention to where you want it to be. Let Journey make you stand out for the right reasons.