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Great web design is essential for creating good user experiences and sales success. That's the reason why UX and UI are so important. A website with a good design increases the user experience on every page, which also increases visibility online and the number of conversions.

Behind an appealing and user-friendly web design, there's a lot of knowledge of how different elements are connected. A good design also demands a deep understanding of programming languages, independent of the platform the website is published on. This is something that we at Journey help you with.

If you need help with the design of your website, we can help you on the way to the great user experience that is important for your customers. Journey gives you flexible websites of high quality, which among other things include web design that is:

  • Modern and innovative
  • Customised to all devices
  • Optimised for SEO
  • User-friendly and intuitive
Journey helps you with creating a web design that makes good user experiences. Discover why this matters.

What's the difference between UI and UX?

UI and UX are often mistaken for being the same, but they are two different parts of web design. While UI, or user interface, addresses the visual part of the website, UX is all about the user experience of the design. Together they make up good web design.
A good web design is characterised by several things

UI (User Interface)

UI, which stands for user interface, is all about what we see and how it works. This is the layout, colors, images, buttons, and so on – everything the user meets in conjunction with the website and what makes it possible for you as a user to interact with it.

UX (User Experience)

UX stands for user experience and is about the experience of using something. To be able to create a good user experience it is essential that the UI is good. The two terms are closely related, and a well developed UI design lays the foundation for good UX. Briefly summarised: by creating a good user interface you increase the possibility of a great user experience of your website.
Why is good web design so important? Well, to make a visitor a stay on your website and convert, the user must be able to understand what they are meant to do. If your website is messy, and has none or too many CTAs (Call-to-Action), it is hard to make the visitors convert. The reason for this is that the user experience is bad.
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What characterises good web design?

A good web design is characterized by several things: 

  • User-friendliness
  • Intuitivity
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Responsive design (fits all devices) 
  • The overall design must be the same on every devices

If it is hard to understand what you’re supposed to do on the website, or find the information you’re looking for, the visitor often ends up with leaving the site – they don’t bother spending a lot of time looking for and trying to understand what to do. 

An example of why the design on the website is so important is if you´re going to make a purchase from an online store. Imagine that you´re going to buy a new pair of sneakers. You visit a website to see their collection, with the intent of maybe making a purchase. If the website has a well- developed UI, you will easily find the type of shoes you want, look at the product, put it in the shopping cart, and finally pay. 

If this process is very complicated – there’re too many steps, too many fields to fill in at checkout or it’s hard to find the shoes you want – we can assume that the website has a bad user interface. This often causes the visitor to leave the webshop before the purchase is completed. If you have a user-friendly interface, the users will easily find the product they are looking for, put it in the basket and complete the purchase – without having to overcome hurdles to get there.

A foundation in marketing

Simply put: a good web design is the foundation of all digital marketing. This means that it is not just crucial for a great user experience, but also a precondition for good results in SEO, paid advertising and general marketing. 
If you have a website with bad UX design today, the users will possibly leave the site faster than you can say user experience – we are impatient, and have less tolerance for websites that are outdated, slow, confusing and unclear.

What our designers and developers do for you?

Our designers and developers work with creating homepages and design that gives your users the right information when they need it. The whole customer experience is essential in a web design and it’s important to create an intuitive and user-friendly website – so that they don’t go to the competitor. We design a great user experience for your customers with relevant content, with their intentions in mind.

UX and UI design with Journey

Journey helps you with creating a good user experience with UI and UX design. Our developers and designers find modern solutions and efficient designs. That way you can bring your customers on a user-friendly buyer’s journey, so that you can reach your goals. 

We have experienced how great design on the website is crucial to achieve success. A/B testing is great, but the design as a whole must be well-developed to create a satisfying user experience, and thus conversions.

Journey helps you create a good user experience

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